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Raphaël The Worlds Medium
Clairvoyant Medium & Supernatural Expert

Intuitive readings with cards
Spiritual Medium
Spell removal
Energy clearing
Animal pet psychic

Influencer & Social medias, TV shows


Celebrity psychic medium

Hollywood’s luxury hotels love Pathé’s medium readings. Famous clients include actress Melissa George and actor Matthew Moy. Raphaël Pathé The Worlds Medium provides confidential virtual consultations on zoom and in person at events or privately at psychic studios in major capital cities in the world.

Raphael The Worlds Medium : Psychic Clairvoyant Medium & Supernatural Expert

Raphaël’s Story

A mysterious entity at a beach house in Le Touquet Paris Plage

Raphaël Pathé grew up in France hiding a secret: he could feel the future and communicate with people from the afterlife. His medium ability became obvious in Le Touquet Paris Plage, during a spooky encounter he had with an angry ghost named Fernand: the previous owner of his family’s beach house.

Pathé Movies

As a descendant of Jacques Pathé, co-founder of the French Pathé cinema and Music global brands Raphaël Pathé is formally trained in music, dancing and acting, which he studied in Paris, France. With those skills, he made a career hosting and performing at prestigious events and presenting shows on Television all around the world. In the 2000s the trendy, the rich and the famous would come to boutique hotels around the world to dance to Raphaël Pathé’s music.

The transition

In 2011, Pathé moved from Ibiza to West Hollywood, CA to realize his house was haunted by a very bad entity that led him to complete burnout. Michelle, the local psychic, told him that his life wanted him to use his special gift immediately. 

Helping others

Raphaël officially started using his gift in West Hollywood, Los Angeles when he met a man in distress who wanted to book a psychic reading, his name was Steven. Steven was in tears and confessed to Raphael that he was at a crossroad in his life and that he had done very bad things and that he wanted to change his life. Raphael encouraged him and motivated him to leave the life he had, and convinced him it was possible to do so. Steven left Raphael hopeful and hopped on a bus to Malibu, left his old life and moved away, headed to a new start. This is how Raphael understood that he could do that for other people and that his life wanted him to dedicate his life to helping others.

Psychics are the new DJ

The former DJ started offering his psychic readings at events produced by French Tuesdays at W Hollywood (Marriott’s Bonvoy) and Sofitel Beverly Hills (AccorHotels): creating a strong desire for the jetset, the entertainment industry and the LGBTIQ + audience to discover more about their future and to navigate through the afterlife. Services offered are Medium Session, Tarot Cards Reading, Pet Psychic Readings, Negative Spell Removal, Supernatural Guidance, Litotherapy with crystals, Energy Healing Body & Soul, Space Energy Clearing, Astrology Natal Chart, Supernatural Academy Courses, Etheric Cord Cutting, Past Life Reset.

Influencing online

Raphaël Pathé created four youtube shows: “Celebrity star news” – ”The tarot live”- “Talk2spirits” – “Paris Voyance Live” and hosts supernatural dating live shows on the dating app LOVOO®

The show must go on

Raphaël Pathé is currently writing a series of three books : two historical fictions retracing the history of his ancestors, and a third book retracing his own story. A brand new one man show that will launch in 2022.